As a born and bred New Yorker, I understand the value - and scarcity! - of mental, physical and environmental space. My comfort in working closely and intimately with people stems from growing up in Manhattan surrounded by the vitality and movement of the city.

I created “Lecube Space” in reference to both the internal and external realms in which I work. I am a licensed massage therapist with a thriving independent bodywork practice of 15 years. My work supports the creation and maintenance of space inside the body, so that we are connected more deeply to the power of our true selves, free from pain and stagnation.

My 20+ years working in the restaurant business as a front of house professional and management consultant gave me additional outlets for my passion for creating space, making things work more efficiently and flow more smoothly. I view service as sacred and am a lover of quality, of all things made with care, whether it be food or function.

In addition to bodywork and restaurant consulting, nine years ago I began supporting people in uplifting their environments as a personal organizer and holistic household coach.

In all of these areas, I work to support my clients in creating space so that they can function more efficiently. Lecube Space brings together my bodywork, organizing and coaching expertise making me a powerful ally for those who are seeking greater ease and well being in their physical bodies and physical space.


Available upon request; please email me at alexandralecube@gmail.com